Wildly Well Launch

I believe nutrition & movement is such an integral part of how we feel, perform, and live our day to day lives. Yet, we’re constantly bombarded with messages making it complicated, especially as women.

After years in the fitness industry I have realized that there are hundreds of myths and lots of confusion around food. Pinterest is full of recipes, but few contain information on the nutrition behind the recipes. I believe understanding the “why” behind fueling our bodies is what helps us stay consistent and on track with our nourishment. Through my own journey, I have learned that food is more than just what we eat. After all, food is what powers us to climb mountains, it connects us to the earth, it creates community, enhances celebrations, and brings us closer together as humans.

Exercise is more than just how we move, it also creates community and brings us closer to nature. It is my goal to help educate women on how to fuel for performance, and live life more wildly well. Join the community for monthly recipes, cooking tips, adventure ideas & more. All designed for the woman with an adventurous soul.

I hope you enjoy each and every one of these recipes, backed by science, curated for your unique physiology, and full of yummy ingredients that keep you satisfied for the long climb.