Ultra Runner, Yoga instructor, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach: Meet Robin Vieira



Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Robin Vieira as my first blog feature. Robin and I met a little over a year ago, in the dark, on a trail run (typical). I think we first truly bonded when we realized we shared the same obsession with teal and then learned we had a scary amount of things in common. Since then she has inspired me in my own athletic and career goals, she’s pushed me on trail runs, yet a constant encourager and friend. I truly don’t know where I would be without her today. Aside from all of that Robin has some amazing things brewing to share with all of you. I interviewed Robin and asked her a few questions regarding these aspirations.

Meet Robin <3

Where was Robin born? Where does she live now??

Robin was born in Seattle, WA. “It shaped who I was; growing up between the mountains and the ocean” she explained to me. Her childhood was also greatly shaped by her sister, who is on the autistic spectrum, yet who also finds a peace in nature.

Robin made her way down to Bend, OR after college craving more space and an escape from the city. Her goal is to one day have her sister move down as well.

What is your current “passion project” ? what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Robin is currently working on launching a mindfulness and meditation coaching business. Her goal is to help other people find peace and grounding through meditation practices. “I love the idea that I can help people create positive change by developing an uplifting mindset,” she told me, “I want to empower them to have a better day.”

You can check out her person website HERE.

What is your favorite way to move? (mountain bike, ski, the gym, run, hoola hoop) and why?

Her favorite activity is running long distances in the mountains, but it’s almost a tie with backcountry skiing and mountain biking. “Trail running is my favorite, but I think I have more fun on my mountain bike and skis, I love being in the mountains because it makes me feel alive and small…yet really powerful. I feel most connected to my mind, body and spirit.”

Where is your favorite place on the planet to do said activity?

“Anywhere that’s high! Above tree line!”

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

“Keep your eyes focused on your calling, yet have patience with the process. You are exactly where you need to be.”

What is your favorite go-to dinner recipe, snack idea, or food item? (you can share a full recipe or just fav food)

“Smoothie bowl!”

Are there any other people you look to for inspiration?

Emelie Forsberg

Kajsa Larsson

Lyndsay Lee

If someone was visiting the town you live in now, what three tips would you give them? (what restaurants, places to explore, juicy local details)

El Sancho tacos…eat four of them!

Drink a beer at Crux

Run the river trail and jump in after

Connect with Robin:

IG: @minfullyrobin

Website: https://www.mindfullyrobin.com/ (seriously check it out!)