I have been brainstorming a lot recently on the direction I want to take this blog. Maybe i should post all the recipes here? Or workouts? Maybe travel?…

I couldn’t decide really what to focus on, until one day I realized that the reason I love instagram, social media, and beautiful photos is that it brings a community together a community of like-minded souls, passionate creators, and entrepreneurs. These individuals have spoken greatly into my life. They helped me see the world in a different view point, and helped me get to where I am today. Photo inspiration, workout ideas, motivational quotes fill my mind from other aspiring athletes, bloggers, recipe creators and more. I want to give all these amazing human beings a platform to promote their passion projects. I want other’s to be inspired by travel tips, business ideas, wellness tips and more that these individuals are putting online.

Moving forward I am featuring new people every few days to promote these women that I look up to. You’ll hear from ultra trail runners, adventure gals, skiers, health fanatics, fitness enthusiasts, yoga instructors and more beautiful souls that add value to life. Hope you enjoy the tips that they bring.