All the things keeping me up at night


Anyone else feel like sometimes their thoughts are caught up in a hamster wheel? Spinning faster and faster in hundreds of circles of overthinking every aspect of life, but not really going anywhere? Maybe I’m crazy, but I find myself in this situation every once in a while. 

What helps me when this happens is to write everything out. Whether good or bad GET IT ALL OUT: word vomit till you can’t think anymore. I like using a pen and paper and actually physically writing….but a laptop works too. Once you can see your thoughts you can then break them down:

What are you feeling? Anxious? Why? What can you do today to relieve stress about one situation? 

Write down physical steps you can cross off. I LOVE lists, action steps to a goal. Why does it feel so good to cross things off at the end of the day? (Buy a really nice pretty planner, always a good investment). As I found myself in one of these “overthinking episodes” I decided to take out a pen and paper and wrote it all out. I came up with about 5 things in my life that have been on my mind lately and here they are: 

First of all, what the heck am I doing with this website that has just been sitting on the backburner? Well the answer to that question is that I truly love the creative outlet that it has been for me, but I also have a vision and a dream for it. I am excited to turn it into a collaborative space. I’ll be interviewing inspirational people in my life, as well as creating recipes, sharing adventures, and hopefully giving you little tips on traveling, exploring, and finding the balance in this crazy life. I hope to help athletes and adventures alike with wellness, nutrition, mindfulness and more. I hope you carry on this journey with me as I strive to find the balance in all things and stay positive along the way.

Secondly…Why does no one tell you how freaking hard your 20s are? It’s a mixture of wanting routine and career…but also wanting to see the world, have time for play, pay off student loans, find a decent apartment, and all the adulting things. There’s been a lot of rejection, uncertainty, and whole lot of ups and downs. I’ve realized that what has helped me the most in this transitional time in life is taking joy in the journey. Finding the happiness that comes with meeting new people, building relationships, and enjoying the process of goal setting (even if I’m not where I want to be with my career yet).

On a lighter note…I love food and I want to help you to love it too!

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read my story, or at least know that I’m a total foodie. Honestly flavors, recipes, colors, ingredients, plants, spices….there is so much that goes into creating delicious food and I find it so so fascinating. It’s creative, its wholesome, and everyone has to deal with food for the rest of their life. Sometimes it can be emotional, disordered, and harmful. It is my mission to help others navigate food and find what makes them happy and healthy. Keep an eye out for new recipes, maybe some videos, and more! Coming soon. 

OK now some big news….After taking a year away from triathlons I signed up for my first race and I’m excited/nervous/have no clue what to expect. If you’ve known me for very long at all you’ll know I was pretty serious about olympic distance road triathlons for a while. After suffering a couple of injuries and missing Worlds last year I was left feeling burnt out and unmotivated. I took time off of training and discovered mountain biking. Through the beginning of this season I’ve been dipping my toes back into training and toying with the idea of signing up to try an xterra (offroad triathlon). I finally pulled the trigger, but going in with no expectations other than to have a fun day out on the trails. Stay tuned for July 21st and I’ll let ya know if I survive. 

5) I demoed a full suspension mountain bike and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

I think this one is self explanatory.